Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A summer's day

I took Snuggler and Little Guy to the city pool today. This is what it looks like when it's empty:

A sign posted by the entrance says the pool's capacity is 1,407 people. There were not that many there this morning; we arrive when the pool opens, and leave after an hour or so. I'd guess there were 250 people there, so we had plenty of space. It's very big.

It's a long, hot walk to the pool, a mile or more each way through city streets. We stopped on the way home and bought piraguas. The old man scraped ice off his big block of ice, tapped the ice it into a plastic cup, and rounded off the top by pressing a funnel on it. Then he squirted syrup (my kids chose coconut) all over the ice, and stuck a stirrer straw into it. Very refreshing. I suspect he charged us more than if we were Hispanic, but at $1.25 each I'm not going to worry about it.

When we were still eight blocks from home I decided the kids needed something salty, so we stopped in a bodega and bought a small bag of pretzels. Then we wilted our way home, where we sat in front of fans and prayed for the breeze off the river to pick up.


  1. That sounds like a nice day. Did you read the Times piece about skinny dipping? Someone claimed to have swum Ina water tank...

  2. Is this Riverbank? It doesn't look like Van Cortlandt or Highbridge....

  3. We surely are missing you these days!!

  4. Are things okay in your family?
    Luv to everyone

  5. Worried about you! Did you paint your apartment?
    I know your plate is always running over with duties!