Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My sleepless beauty

I mentioned that Dancer performed last weekend. Among other roles, she danced two of the fairy variations in Sleeping Beauty (on different days). When she came out with a tiara and tutu I thought immediately of the last time she'd been dressed like that, when she was four and pranced around the house in dress-up clothes, hoping and waiting for the day she'd be a real ballerina. She was beautiful then, but is more beautiful now.

Here she is during bows: second row, center. Smiling, with the big girls. She will be training with Miami City Ballet this summer.

Of course, taking 16 hours of dance class a week plus rehearsals (plus schoolwork) doesn't leave much free time for things like sleep. And after five performances this weekend she was very, very tired on Monday morning. But she got up and went to school, and to ballet. Because that's what dancers do.

Dancer, I am so impressed by your hard work, so in awe of your energy, so pleased by your attitude. You make me proud.


  1. Awesome photos and you should be so proud of her. She sounds amazing and very dedicated to her dancing.

  2. Bravo Dancer! Bravo Mom!