Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Odds and Ends

Sunday was Dancer's birthday. We all got up early-ish for a nice breakfast, because various kids had to be in various places at times which didn't correspond to our regular church schedule. Dancer had Nutcracker rehearsal from 11-6, Snuggler had a soccer game, and Little Guy was marching with the scouts in the Veteran's Day parade.

In truth, it's hard to believe Dancer is 14. She seems older.

*        *         *          *

One of my kids didn't do all of the homework assigned for the long weekend. It was not the child who doesn't care; it was one of the ones who cares a lot. This morning there was great wailing and  gnashing of teeth over the prospect of showing up at school without the homework. I was asked to write a note, excusing the child. I replied, "What would I say in a note?" The child said, "That I was unable to complete the homework." To which I replied, "That will be obvious. You don't need a note for that!"

*        *         *          *

I am scheduled for a routine colonoscopy on Friday. That means that starting today I am forbidden to eat fruit, vegetables, nuts and beans. Thursday I have the all-clear-liquid diet. Little Guy, mildly alarmed, said, "Well that stinks!" I replied that hopefully I am mature enough to view a three-day change in diet as an inconvenience rather than a burden.  

*        *         *          *

Marching up 5th Avenue


  1. Love his expression matching up Fifth. Your heart must constantly overflow
    PS your bot program is horrid for those using a mobile device to read and comment

  2. I love this picture. It's his stance that says how proud he is to be a part of something so important. super adorable.

    And wow-colonoscopy and double mammograms-you sure know how to party! Praying all goes well and you get some rest out of it.

    Blessings and prayers from the south

  3. Hoping the colonoscopy goes well and I have written notes saying almost exactly that for Princess before now.

    I like the photo too.