Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I had to go for a second-round mammogram the other day, since my annual one showed some possible abnormalities. The place I went was one of those all-in-one centers, the kind you go to when you've already had suspicions aroused, and where you find out your results the same day. The place goes out of its way to make the experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

After I'd handed in my paperwork, the friendly receptionist handed me a large, pastel-colored nail file and said cheerily, "This is for you, for breast cancer awareness!" I took it, thinking, Ummm, I think every woman here is already quite aware of breast cancer! And then I got to wondering what, exactly, one is supposed to do with a flowered nail file in order to raise awareness of breast cancer. Wave it around and chant something? Tape it to my chest? Poke random women with it on the subway? File off the lump?

What a mystery. My mammogram was okay. But just so you're aware...



  1. Very glad the mammogram came up normal.

  2. I'm not sure why a nail file raises breast cancer awareness, but when my mom really did have breast cancer, she got even more stuff. So maybe it's a sort of DEFCON system. And I liked the idea of filing off the lump. It's gallows humor, of course, but isn't all humor sort of stress relief? Obviously I'm really glad that both my mom and you are fine.

    And on the bright side, after a year and three months I'm finally in the Italian health care system and get to go have a mammogram of my very own soon. I wonder what they give you in Italy?

  3. That didn't come out right at all. Where's edit??? I meant bright as opposed to the gallows. Mind you, it's almost November 15 here.