Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekend update

Thursday was Snuggler's birthday. I had written a long post, but lacked a photo to go with it. I still didn't take the picture, but the important thing I wanted to way was this: I love you, Miss Eleven!
*       *        *       *

Yesterday I took the train up to Albany and met Jenny, who graciously hosted me overnight so that I could see Dancer in her performance this morning. We had a conversation that left me with many nuggets to chew on. After the show Jenny dropped us at the bus station, and now we are home.
My girl is back!

*       *        *         *

You may have figured out that this means we now have a full house once again. The quiet was nice while it lasted, and the laundry was delightfully minimal for a while there, but I'm glad we're all in one place. We've never had such an active summer before. Most of the kids and I are heading to Vermont on Thursday for a family reunion. 

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  1. Ahhh the plight of the busy summer, also known as your kids are getting older. When they were little there were days when the walls seemed like they were caving in, oh, just to get outside. When the kids get older you just want to remember what color are the walls inside the house? Enjoy your time away to Vermont and come back refreshed.