Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dancer in the news (so to speak)

Dancer's summer intensive this year seems to have a daily component of camp. In one week they've done laser tag, spa night, a door-decorating contest, and then yesterday they had a Lady Gaga fashion show.

Lady Gaga? [insert pause while Mom thinks meat dress... crude lyrics... exhibitionism and feels a scream coming on until she remembers this is a fashion contest for fun.] Okay. Got it. Fun. Yes, that's allowed. Though my first question was, "What did you make your dress out of?"


I'm impressed by the tailoring. I'm in awe of the headdress. Yep -- I'm gaga about my girl.


  1. Her costume is beautiful! My son Isaiah (one of the little boys Dancer babysits) was asking about her, and when I found this image and showed it to him, his eyes got wide, "she's a princess!" he whispered.