Friday, February 24, 2012


A homeschooling friend who knows herself well asked us to participate in a series of homemade science 'camps', two or three days of marathon exploration. She said that if she didn't approach science this way, she'd never get around to it at all. We did bio a couple of months back, and today was the first day of chemistry.

The mom who did the teaching clearly had her act together: in addition to learning the Tom Lehrer "Elements" song and learning about the chemistry of hamburgers, the 10- and 11-year olds made the periodic table out of sugar cookies:

Little Guy wasn't in the class, but using a copy of the periodic table he worked hard to spell each family member's name out of elements, then calculated the total atomic number and atomic weight in the name. His atomic number was 101, and his atomic weight was 229.5197.

I'm on the hook to teach for 3.5 hours on Monday.

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