Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Jets in Egypt

My kids watched West Side Story the other day. They seem to have absorbed the lyrics instantly.

This morning they have the stuffed animals out, and are acting out the show with the Bears vs. the Cats. There are some hysterical scenes (e.g., the song sung to Maria the cat: "A bear that kills, cannot love/a bear that kills has no heart... one of your own kind, stick to your own kind.") What slayed me, though, was when they had to unwrap the stuffed animal slated to be Bernardo from a coating of toilet paper. Turns out that while they were mummifying knock-off Barbies yesterday they got carried away, and mummified some other toys as well.

"That's okay," Little Guy said, finding the obscure connection between studying Egypt and watching West Side Story, "We can just mummify Bernardo again after he dies."


  1. Stick to your own kind, you silly cat....gotta love that.
    I'm thinking now of digging out the big bag of stuffed animals since the possibilities really do seem endless!