Monday, October 10, 2011


My boys are playing together tonight. The narrative arc tends toward the violent and the absurd, but perhaps what's most absurd is that they're playing with... bells.

These are my grandmother's antique brass bells, shaped like figurines. I played with them as a child. Fortunately, they are practically indestructible. Tonight one of those girl-shaped bells is Prunella, and another is a governess. The plot has involved bombs and explosions, a crashing elevator, confused identities, mobsters and a couple of murders. You know, normal boy stuff.

It's good when brothers play together in peace.


  1. My boys used to bond over Legos, and various other small toys that would have adventures in said Lego buildings and vehicles. I would stand in the hallway quietly, listening and enjoying the harmony.

    Am wondering ... did you ever get that papyrus-making kit?
    ~ Dar in NY

  2. What a flashback, we had one of those brass bells that belonged to my grandmother. I wonder if my mom still has it? My grandmother used it at the dinner table to call to the kitchen...a different time!