Sunday, June 12, 2011

A family update

Andrew: has good energy and is in good spirits as he explores new work opportunities. He has a new web site up, which you're welcome to visit!

Eldest: is slowly patching together summer work, getting together with friends, recovering from her intense first year of college. The re-entry into family life is, of course, a bit bumpy after all that independence. But we're all glad she's here.

Big Guy: is overjoyed to have his big sister/best friend home. He has been visiting on weekends. Still no word on a high school for him for the fall, but I'm trying not to panic. He's up and down, but the extremes aren't quite as extreme as they often are.

Dancer: is steadily employed as a mother's helper, so she can amass pocket money for her big summer adventure. She leaves in two weeks. She and my two youngest are enjoying watching the first three seasons of Design Squad on the web.

Snuggler: will be heading off to sleepaway church camp in July for a couple of weeks (assuming I get the paperwork together). Unbelievably, it's less expensive than a week of day camp in the city.

Little Guy: will be going to a week of construction day camp, learning to use a hammer and saw and build a house. Other than that and a week of VBS, we have no summer plans.

Me: working on various projects, including some pieces for a book that will be published by MOPS, Inc. next year. Contemplating what big project to start next. I need something to occupy my time over the summer, or I may have to do things like paint and plaster!


  1. How about some well-deserved ... down-time?

  2. That's right! Pretend you live in an ancient village, where charmingly fading, cracking plaster is totally accepted.