Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Event

At the Event, with the wonderful head of the Parks  Department
for northern Manhattan

You may have noticed that I post relatively few pictures on this blog. That's not because I worry about privacy, but because I am photo challenged. My kids are probably the most un-photographed, un-videoed offspring in America. I tend to document life with words. 

The only mirrors in our house are on the medicine cabinets in the bathroom, so I also tend to be surprised when I see what I look like in pictures. I'm not certain if the picture above is a good resemblance or a bad one. But I do like the photo, mainly because I like Jennifer's smile, and I was happy when the shot was taken. As you can see, I'm several years older than when my headshot (in the upper left of the blog) was taken.

With the bigwigs at the Event. The senator has the mike.
Someone recently did a study analyzing Tweets throughout the city, and concluded that our park was the happiest place in Manhattan. The saddest place was one of the high-profile high schools. It's not surprising that being outdoors in beautiful surroundings makes people happy, or that toiling in a cement building with a couple thousand stressed teenagers leads to less cheery sentiments.

The park overlooks the Palisades; one of the Rockerfellers
bought the land so that the view could be preserved
and people could see what it looked like when Hudson arrived .
These photos are not, of course, my doing. I don't even know who took them. But I thought you might like to see them, anyway.


  1. BethB from IndianaOctober 6, 2013 at 12:25 PM

    I like the park picture of you much better.

  2. Great pic. Julia! Sending blessings your way!

  3. I was so sorry to miss the event. Congratulations, Julia! You absolutely deserve the recognition.

  4. Was just reading your blog Seeds at Devotion in and thought it would be great to see more pics of you. Then I stopped here, and there are more pics. Wonderful pics, too! Regarding being happier study you mentioned, you might appreciate the study done by brain reseacher John Medina at Thank you for your inspiration through your words and faith. Arie