Thursday, December 20, 2012

I woke up today to find there was only one cup of coffee's worth of beans. I ground them and made coffee for Big Guy, who tends to sleep through first period if he doesn't have a cuppa Joe.

When I turned on my laptop, I got the black screen of death. Andrew later tried all the usual fixes, but no luck.

I got an email (on the kids' clunker) that my uncle fell and fractured four vertebrae.Then I received a phone message that our favorite priest died last night.

When I took the dog out for a walk he started to frolic and pranced away. I was going to prance along, but tripped on a piece of bluestone, skinned a knee, and wrenched my right wrist so badly that I spent the evening in the ER.

The bank still hasn't reimbursed us for the stolen money.

Enough of that. There's also this: someone wrote to me out of the blue to ask me to edit a thesis, Andrew gave me his laptop to use while mine gets fixed, I somehow met a deadline this afternoon typing with only one hand, and Eldest came home. I may succeed in meeting tomorrow's deadline. A very sweet acquaintance sent us a check, just because. And I baked chocolate chocolate-chip-peppermint-stick cookies, which were very, very good.

Bad things happen. Good things happen. Life happens. Extrapolating from the current moment is kind of silly. I haven't quite figured out why we do it.

My wrist isn't broken. We found the missing load of wash. Little Guy has finally used up the package of 260 twist-into-animal balloons, so the sound of screeching plastic will coming to an end before my sanity expires. Origami Santas litter the floor. I located the missing file of medical forms. All the kids are in bed. Alive.

If you had a bad day, it's come to an end. If you had a good day, there's hope for another. Goodnight, friends.


  1. Prayers for you. Good for you that you can find the positives at the end of the day!

  2. Julia, I've been wondering where your posts have been as I look for them most every day. I love your perspective on things. You're right. Bad things happen & good things happen. I'm glad that Eldest is home. We only have one child...well actually she is almost 41 years old but she lives about 25 minutes away and we are very close. I expect that it is hard on you when she is away. Hope you and your family have a blessed and Merry Christmas. Barb in Oregon

  3. Oy. What a day. Here's hoping tomorrow is better, and that you never run out of coffee again.

    (So weird to think you have a kid who drinks coffee...I don't think I did until I was in graduate school.)

  4. God bless you and yours, Julia!