Friday, August 10, 2012

A small step forward with reading

The Life and Times of Corn
I really like Charles Micucci's books

I've written before about my concerns with Little Guy's reading. It's not that he can't read, but that (except for Asterix and TinTin) he doesn't. Which is kind of weird, given that we have more than a dozen floor-to-ceiling bookcases here, all shelved two-deep, and everyone reads a lot. If there was ever a family that encouraged reading, we're it.

Then a couple of weeks ago I stumbled onto something. I'd gone to the library to get some books on fireflies, since I was developing an outdoor class for kids as part of a nature program I do for the Parks Department. Among other things, I brought home a picture book about a firefly scientist. Almost before I knew it, Little Guy was curled in a corner reading the book, periodically calling out interesting factoids ("Hey, did you know that in South America there are fireflies that flash all at the same time?")

Hmmm. So I thought, What if I bring home a half-dozen picture books each week? Picture books have plenty of white space, and high-level vocabulary (since it's assumed an adult is reading aloud). There are pictures to help tie the story together. They're not necessarily little-kid stuff.

The next week I brought home the kids' book based on Salt: A World History, a book on Daddy Longlegs, and a handful of other stuff.

Shhh! It's working! He's reading!


  1. It sounds like he's more interesting in reading for facts than following a storyline. My oldest son was like that. (He's the one getting his PhD in physics.)

  2. "the life and times of corn" cracks me up.

  3. My boys also enjoyed TinTin
    At a womens conference I spotted Biblical books in the comic book format marketed as adventure stories for boys--(pre teen)
    I wish I remembered the publisher or something but of course i don't They were paperback
    But the boys really enjoyed them as well. Just another idea
    Good Luck :)