Thursday, September 1, 2011

Takin' it one thing at a time (sorta)

Today:         +one boy, - one dog, + 2 deadlines, + 1 math camp, + 1 choir concert
Tomorrow:   - one boy, + 1 math camp, + 1 deadline, + 1 ballet performance
Sat:              - 3 girls (1 to college, 2 to sleepovers)
Sun:             +4 girls (2 returning from sleepovers, 2 coming for a sleepover)
Mon:            -2 girls (going home from sleepover) + 1 boy (moving home)
Tues:            can't process that far in advance


  1. Hi, Julia!
    A tip of the hat to you and all of
    the stress and schedules you plow

    Were you and Andrew preferring
    a residential school for Big Guy or
    did it just not work out?

    Our love and prayers go with you.


  2. His school has a residential component, but for the time being he'll be a day student. Hopefully that will work out!

  3. That is some pretty advanced math if you ask me!