Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jazzed-up kids

Most of the family was on hand this evening to be in the audience for the jazz choir concert. Snuggler and Little Guy were in the choir, singing classics like "Route 66", Ella's arrangement of "When You Wish Upon a Star", and "Button Up Your Overcoat".

When Eldest was in the very first jazz choir there was just a handful of kids. Now it's a Big Thing, with  37 children, ages 6-11. They did a nice job. Little Guy looked terrified most of the time; Snuggler oozed character into her solo, and was quite entertaining. I was reminded of the days when Big Guy and Eldest were on stage and audience participation for my little ones consisted of whacking the congratulatory bouquets on the seat backs in time to the music. (Shredded tulips, anyone?)

Eldest heads back to college tomorrow, so our all-family-at-home moment is just a moment. There is something comfortable and right about having the seven of us here this evening. It doesn't happen often. Next weekend Dancer is performing in two ballet pieces, but Eldest will not be able to attend. Somehow I've repressed the agenda for next Saturday, which includes back-to-back soccer games, a two-hour Anne of Green Gables rehearsal, and then Dancer's performance. I will hyperventilate when the time comes...

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