Friday, December 3, 2010


Dancer came home from her first performance tonight smiling -- and delighted to be home so early. Dress rehearsals have caused many late nights this week. Tomorrow she has three shows, and then two on Sunday.

Secretly I'm in awe of this child. She is focused and organized and works hard. She keeps track of her rehearsal schedule, and gets herself to ballet class, bag fully packed. She showers without being asked, sets aside her delicate-wash leotards and tights in the laundry closet, figures out what the weather is, and remembers her umbrella. She does her own bun (except for performances), and applies her own stage makeup. She comes home tired, and gets herself to bed at a reasonable hour. And then she gets up early, to go back.

I'm not going to say how many of these things *I* could do, never mind how many I could do when I was twelve!

We go to see tomorrow's evening performance. I can't wait.


  1. Sweet. If I'd been more organized, I should have gotten tickets...

  2. Wish we could have made it. Crazy busy time of year (mostly my work).

  3. Dancer was delightful in her roles in the show. You should be very proud. And what a wonderful facility MMC is -- I'm so happy you turned us onto it. My dancer sat watching intently, eventually asking which role she could play if she took lessons there. Thanks again.