Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy birthday, Dancer!

She's my sociable one, my athlete, my middle child surrounded by love. She smiled -- a real smile -- when she was ten days old, and spent the early years of her life enchanting the elderly ladies of the neighborhood.

For Halloween she has dressed as a unicorn, Emily Dickinson, and a giant apple pie.  She likes Star Trek, and reads voraciously. She dances through life, determined and graceful and organized and beautiful. 

There were overnight rolls for breakfast, and leotards and cooking supplies among her birthday presents today. But the best gift was discovering Eldest sleeping on the sofa. Dancer's beloved big sister came all the way from college late last night, just to be here for half a day.

Thank you for a dozen years of making our lives joyful, Dancer. We love you.


  1. What a wonderful person to have as your daughter, Happy Birthday to her!

  2. Happy birthday! And how nice that Eldest came to visit.

  3. Happy birthday, Dancer! Sounds like it was a nice one.

    Laura A