Saturday, December 26, 2009

Odd gifts

This morning I went out into the cold, gray wetness of the day after Christmas to buy myself a new grocery/laundry cart. Our old one is well beyond repair. We jerryrigged it with string on the sides where pieces had fallen off, but it was a challenge to keep it functioning.

I walked down the street, feeling rather glum. There on the bland sidewalk was a shiny purple bow. I thought:

     "How sad! Someone lost the bow to a present!"

     "Nah... maybe the sidewalk is a gift. Maybe it wants to be a gift."

     "What a nice contrast, with that shiny purple brightening up the gray sidewalk."

     "I bet Little Guy could find something fun to do with that."

There are so many angles from which to approach life. When I'm feeling down, or angry, or sad it helps to step back and think of how else I could look at the situation. It's hard to step out of the feeling and to be objective. But it's really worthwhile.

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