Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Many years ago, during the first Bush administration (George, not GW), there was a lot of press about the importance of 'family values'.

A good friend who grew up in a large family responded to the rhetoric by saying, "When I was a kid we could never find any Scotch tape in the house. So one of our family values was Scotch tape."

By that standard, the family values around here are sharp pencils, missing shoes, hair holders, and computer time.

However, we also value honest and generous hearts, cooperation, intellectual curiosity, effort in the face of difficulty, kindness, initiative, and the ability to find alternative solutions if Plan A doesn't work. Housekeeping is way down the list; thoughtfulness is near the top.

Thoughtfulness is my love language. Which is why I am absolutely bowled over by this:
Yes, an entire gallon of real maple syrup! My dear friend Liz was away on vacation, saw the sweet stuff, and remembered that I love (and generally can't afford) real maple syrup. She promptly bought more than I ever dreamed of having.

How delicious to have a good and thoughtful friend!

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